For Couples

Couples Establishing Expectations

People starting a relationship or in a relationship often have problems discussing financial and tax related issues. Tension and misunderstandings related to budgeting and finance can have a negative impact on any couple. Empowered Divorce guides couples through those difficult conversations and helps them reach an agreement on financial goals.

Empowered Divorce offers the tax and financial planning expertise critical for so many couples. We provide impartial analysis and suggest scenarios for purposes of discussion. Couples in relationships use it to agree upon financial and other expectations.

We work with couples to make sure each understands the financial implications and consequences of their decisions. We also help them set realistic expectations by assisting with cash flow and tax projections.

We will help you:

  • Review assets for pre- or post-nuptial arrangements
  • Make cash flow and tax projections to help set individual contributions to the home and the relationship
  • Set financial and tax parameters for the joint ownership of property
  • Establish financial goals and responsibilities